Smile all the time

For a long time, I was self-conscious about how my smile looked. But thanks to Dr. Joharia and her team, I smile all the time now.

Rabia Emeen ( 17 Years Old)

Confidence to Smile

DENTAL INNOVATION TEAM gave me the confidence to smile more often, and I do!"

Mohsin Aziz (15yrs old)

Very Caring

Dr.Joharia taught me flossing my teeth. She’s very caring and personable. 

Faiza Shehzad ( 11 Years Old)

 Atttitude changed towards dentistry

 I’ve had bad experiences with dentists, and was very nervous at the prospect of getting three crowns.  Even though they warned me my teeth may be sensitive the next day, I felt no pain. Overall, I was extremely impressed.  my entire attitude changed towards dental visits. –

M.S. Malik ( 25 Years Old)

Answered all questions

 From the first time I walked in. She answered all my questions and explained thoroughly. I am extremely proud of the results and appreciate the level of detail Dr. Joharia brings to everything she does.”

Mrs. Saba Hassan (House Wife)